About Us

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Prepare for Medicare, a place where you can read and share your thoughts freely on all things Medicare!

Why does this site exist?  Medicare is complex. In my humble opinion, unnecessarily so. I wanted to create a home for people that cuts through the clutter and confusion and stimulates lively dialogue.  All of this, without the insurance company spin or the overload of information provided by Medicare.

I don’t have an e-book I’m hawking, nor am I trying to sell anything.  This site is also not sponsored by an insurance company, nor is its sole purpose to generate a sales “lead” so an insurance agent will bug you for eternity.  I’m not here to make specific company or product recommendations, although I may highlight some cool stuff along the way that stands out from the pack.

Making Medicare, simple.  That’s my goal.

If you’re on Medicare, are close to being eligible for Medicare or have the responsibility of taking care of Mom and/or Dad’s Medicare coverage, coming into this cold, trying to study up or just keep up with the bevvy of coverage options, definitions, decisions, annual changes, special circumstances, enrollment periods, etc. can be absolutely daunting.  It’s also really annoying and frustrating for most people. I get it.  So, they turn to their friends, neighbors and the internet for information. What they get is usually incomplete information, wrong information or too much information.

My hope is this site allows you to study and explore your options, special scenarios/situations and explore the latest news and information.

Contact Information

Contact me if you’d like to contribute an original article to the site, or would like me to contribute to yours.  As I mention below, I’m not in a position to specifically recommend a specific plan or company for you, and frankly wouldn’t feel comfortable having all sorts of Protected Health Information (PHI) shared with me.

Here’s the email address: prepareformedicare at gmail dot com (I’ve spelled it out to keep pesky email trolls away).