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Welcome to Prepare for Medicare, a place where we try to cover all things Medicare using simple, easy-to-understand language.

Look, Medicare is complex. In our humble opinions, unnecessarily so. We wanted to create a home for people that cuts through the clutter and confusion found elsewhere online.  All of this, without the insurance company spin or the overload of information provided by Medicare.  We have no agenda.

If you’re on Medicare, are close to being eligible for Medicare or have the responsibility of taking care of Mom and/or Dad’s Medicare coverage, coming into this cold, trying to study up or just keep up with the bevvy of coverage options, definitions, decisions, annual changes, special circumstances, enrollment periods, etc. can be absolutely daunting. It’s also really annoying and frustrating for most people. We get it. But when you turn to friends, neighbors or (God forbid) the internet for information, you’ll quickly find there’s a ton of incomplete information, wrong information or too much information out there.

This site is also not sponsored by an insurance company, not sponsored by an insurance agency nor is its sole purpose to generate a sales “lead” so an insurance agent will bug you for eternity.  We don’t make specific company or product recommendations, although we may highlight some cool stuff along the way that stands out from the pack.

Making Medicare, simple.  That’s our goal.

Our hope is this site speaks to you in easy-to-understand language.  We also hope it enables you to study and explore your options, special scenarios/situations and explore the latest news and information, objectively.  Thanks for reading.

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