Is Your Personal Information Safe with Medicare?

Medicare ID Fraud

Medicare Identity Theft - Keep Your Personal Information Private

Over the past few years, identity theft has become much more prevalent in both the United States, and worldwide. This crime no longer just entails using someone else’s credit card to make purchases, though. Today, it has grown to other areas, too – one of which includes a criminal using other peoples’ health care and / or Medicare information.

What exactly can be done if a cyber criminal gets hold of your Medicare information? There are actually a whole host of potential dangers, such as using your name and Medicare ID number to obtain medical services or prescription medication.

There is good news, though, with regard to Medicare and keeping your personal data private. In fact, Medicare has put some important safeguards into place in order to protect the details you provide via its website.

One of these protections includes a tool that allows you to easily control some of the information that Medicare may collect from you while you are on its site. For instance, like many other websites on the Internet, Medicare makes use of some common online tools that collect information about its website visitors, such as what page(s) they visit, how much time they spend on the Medicare site, and even what website(s) a visitor came from before they landed on

Now, however, the new Privacy Manager allows you to adjust your privacy settings when you are visiting Medicare’s website. In order to do so, just simply click on Privacy Settings” at the bottom of the website. After you do so, you can then choose to turn this tracking information on or off.

Medicare takes your privacy very seriously. For more details on Medicare’s overall privacy policy, feel free to visit, or to contact a Medicare insurance professional near you.

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