How Much Can Your Medicare Insurance Agent Really Discuss With You?

Medicare Insurance

Medicare insurance agents can help you make good decisions

If you’ve been shopping for the right Medicare plan – even if you’re already enrolled in Medicare, but you’re considering making a change to your current coverage – you may have set up a time to chat with a Medicare insurance professional to discuss your various coverage alternatives.

Yet, while doing so would certainly sound like a good idea, the reality is that your Medicare plan agent may or may not be able to provide you with all of the in-depth details that you are looking for – especially as it pertains to comparing various Medicare Advantage and / or Part D prescription drug plans.

For example, your current Medicare plan agent may contact you to talk about the Medicare plan that you are presently enrolled in, as well as to discuss other Medicare plans types that could be a good fit for you. He or she may also conduct normal business that is related to enrollment in a new plan.

However, there are some activities that your agent won’t be able to do. For instance, if you have already disenrolled from a Medicare plan, the agent or broker who sold you that plan may not be able to market any other plans or products – or even ask you for consent in any format to further a new Medicare plan sale.

Likewise, if your agent has contacted you about a particular plan, but then they try to generate interest from you for a different alternative, this is not considered to be a permitted activity.

Oftentimes, it can be beneficial to do some research on your own before contacting a live Medicare insurance agent. In this case, a good place to start is Medicare’s official website, which can be accessed by going to There are several other helpful websites that also have a focus on general Medicare information, as well as on specific Medicare plans and plan options.

Finally, independent insurance agents get paid by selling you plans.  However, due to the “normalizing” of insurance agent commissions, there’s no real reason for them to move you from plan to plan.  We wrote a very comprehensive article outlining what you should look for in an insurance agent that specializes in Medicare plans.  You can check that out by clicking here.

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