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Matt Feret

Why Prepare for Medicare? 

Medicare changes all the time.  I wrote my book, Prepare for Medicare – The Insider’s Guide to Buying Medicare Insurance to help you quickly understand Medicare, narrow down your choices, purchase a plan with the help of an expert Medicare insurance agent or DIY, and move on with your life.

PrepareforMedicare.com exists to make sure you stay up-to-date so you can make the right Medicare insurance choices, at the right time, the right way, prioritizing the right financial and healthcare needs specific to you or your loved ones.


In my experience, it doesn’t matter how “smart” you are when it comes to navigating the thousands of Medicare insurance choices you likely have.  From GED to PhD., Medicare insurance is an overwhelming topic for most people.  It doesn’t need to be this hard and confusing.

I got to thinking… why is this so painful? For example, my mom calls me every October, stressed out because she wants me to review her annual Medicare Advantage paperwork.  Why is my well-educated, highly capable mother stressing out and getting frustrated about her Medicare insurance coverage?  Sure, there seem to be a million different ways to “consume” your Medicare coverage – but if my own mother, a former professional educator, is having a hard time.. someone has got to make this easier for people.  Someone who can help cut through the clutter, filter out the noise and narrow down the choices – all without an insurance policy sales pitch at the end.

That someone – is me. I’m your guy. That’s why I wrote Prepare for Medicare – The Insider’s Guide to Buying Medicare Insurance. That’s why I created a workbook. It’s why I created and give away FREE helpful checklists and that’s why I created PrepareforMedicare.com.

The right Medicare insurance choices, at the right time, made with your health and financial situation in mind is completely possible, and I’m here to help.

About Matt Feret

Matt Feret is the author of the Prepare for Social Security – The Insider’s Guide and the Prepare for Medicare – The Insider’s Guide book series and launched PrepareforMedicare.com and  PrepareforSocialSecurity.com to help people get objective answers to questions about Social Security and Medicare. Matt is also the host of The Matt Feret Show. He has held leadership roles at numerous Fortune 500 Medicare health insurers in sales, marketing, operations, product development, and strategy for over two decades.