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If you have any general Medicare insurance questions you’d like to see featured in a “Matt’s Corner” blog post or the The Matt Feret Newsletter, please email questions@prepareformedicare.com. 

Please do not send any Personal Health Information (PHI) or HIPAA-related information over email or within the form below.  Neither is a secure method of communicating.  This means (among other things) please do not send me lists of medications, health conditions or any other information that is personal and private. 

Interested in purchasing the book and workbook for your organization, group, church or employees?  Interested in a custom book cover?  Vanity covers and bulk book purchase discounts can be accommodated.  Please email sales@prepareformedicare.com for more. 

Feel free to contact me for broadcast, podcast or radio interviews.  Need a keynote speaker?  Host?  Presenter?  Need a quote for an article?  I’m your guy.  As a former journalist, I’m always happy to help one out!  Please understand availability confirmation may take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly.

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