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Welcome to the Prepare for Medicare blog!

Welcome to the Prepare for Medicare blog!  I’m thrilled you’re here.  I’ll use this blog space on the website to keep you up-to-speed with things that affect your Medicare coverage, current events and important dates and timelines.

I wrote my book, Prepare for Medicare – The Insider’s Guide to Buying Medicare Insurance to help you quickly understand Medicare, narrow down your choices, purchase a plan with the help of an expert Medicare insurance agent or DIY, and move on with your life.

That said, Medicare rules change all the time and there’s always something new!  Keep paying attention to this space and I’ll post updates regularly.

If you’d like to submit a question, please email it to questions@prepareformedicare.comGeneral questions only, please.  Please do not send any Personal Health Information (PHI) or anything that violates HIPAA guidelines.  In other words, do not send me prescription information, medical information or financial information.  Email is not a secure means of communication.     

Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget sign up for the Prepare for Medicare newsletter.

To your wealth, wisdom, and wellness!

Matt Feret 

Do Medicare Supplements Have a MOOP?

Do Medicare Supplements Have a MOOP?

Matt, I bought and read your book on Amazon today and found it extremely helpful, thank you! I’m turning 65 soon and am deciding whether to buy a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan.  If I decide to go with a Medicare Supplement and purchase Medicare...